Our Facilities

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About American Family Services, Inc.

We offer skilled nursing care with dually licensed beds for Medicaid and Medicare at each facility. American Family Services, Inc. is comprised of two facilities located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Arcadia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a long standing member of the community in operation since 1989.

Quail Run Assisted Living Facility was built in 1996-97 beginning with 32 beds. In 2001 and 2003, the facility added 5 beds each of those years to bring us to 42 beds operated today.

No matter which location is best for you, we stress the significance of family involvement because it is the true foundation of strength and stability in one's life…a tie that brings us all together as a team, enhancing the quality of life of the residents in our care.

This philosophy is shared by our entire staff and we have created an atmosphere of dignity, independence and mutual respect for the residents and their families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the health and rehabilitative needs of the community and to improve the quality of life for each patient, resident, family member, visitor, and co-worker with whom we come in contact.

Our Vision

We are a profession dedicated to transforming health and health care into a spectrum of valued care and service utilizing modern, technology-based systems, resulting in high quality care and service. Our goal is to provide a spectrum of patient/resident-centered care and services which nurture not only the individual’s health, but their life as well, by preserving their connections with extended family and friends, and promoting their dignity, respect, independence, and choice. In unison with the American Health Care Association’s “Quality First Covenant”, we are committed to providing an innovative, accountable, accessible, and economically sustainable 21st Century health care system for our customers, which delivers quality of life through an appropriate spectrum of services encompassing:

Through “Quality First”, we are collectively and individually committed to healthy, affordable and ethical health and rehabilitative services and solutions. We commit to achieving excellence in the quality of care and services for our customers and strengthening public trust. We are committed to taking steps, embedded in the principles of this Covenant, to ensure quality. We believe that by doing so, there will be measurable improvements in defined outcomes as well as in ethical, compassionate, and resident/patient centered practices in the provision of care for those we serve.