Welcome To Quail Run Assisted Living
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Quail Run Assisted Living

Quail Run Assisted Living Facility is a not-for-profit facility serving residents on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and the surrounding communities. Our facility is a 42-bed nursing facility licensed for Residential and Assisted Living Care. The facility was built in 1996-97 and began operation in 1997. We continue to be an established and active part of our community with profound dedication to the health care needs of our residents and to dignity of the human spirit.

At Quail Run Assisted Living Facility, we stress the significance of family involvement because it is the true foundation of strength and stability in one's life…a tie that brings us all together as a team, enhancing the quality of life of the residents in our care. This philosophy is shared by our entire staff and we have created an atmosphere of dignity, independence and mutual respect for the residents and their families.

What’s so unconventional about Quail Run Assisted Living Facility? We continually defy and redefine conventions about aging and wellness to advance the best lifestyle possible for residents. The result is invigorating!

We offer independent living for healthy, active seniors and residential living for those requiring additional assistance. We are unable to accept persons with serious cognitive deficits at our location and should health change, our sister facility, Arcadia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center shares the same campus and ensures residents will not only be able to access care, but will remain close to other friends and family on campus for the rest of their lives. We do participate in the Virginia Medicaid Auxiliary Grant Program for Assisted Living Facilities.